Strategically tailored to meet the demands of today’s precision component customers

Key technology trends such as miniaturization, multi-material integration and digital manufacturing, coupled with the desire of customers to condense their manufacturing partners, create an opportunity for top-performing precision component manufacturers and leading supply chain partners to gain market share, build entrenched market positions, and develop deeper relationships with leading OEMs.

Unisyn Precision Components is forming a collaborative network of leading precision component manufacturers, bringing together a portfolio of materials and fabrication technologies to solve the breadth of customers’ demanding precision components applications.

Unisyn Precision Components Beverage
  • Better serve your customers via a united network of companies with proven rubber, plastic, and metal precision component technologies
  • Deeper and broader set of materials, engineering, material science and fabrication capabilities supported by a global sales & application network
  • Collective network benefits via expansion of the geographic reach, exchange of best practices, and leveraged supply chain
  • Ability to successfully scale through organic growth and complementary, high upside acquisition opportunities

Key Business Attributes

Our strategy allows for a tailored approach to meet your own specific vision, needs and goals


Management, collaboration & growth execution


Industrial growth pedigree & financial resources

Partnering for value creation

Unisyn Precision Components:

Industry network, capabilities expansion, and support of key business functions, allowing you to focus on and unleash the full potential of your business

Establishing a family of innovative and leading technology manufacturers as part of Unisyn Precision Components

Our Partnership seeks to deliver a platform for leading organizations to deliver innovative, quality precision components solutions to customers in high-value end markets such as medical, water, food & beverage, electronics, and industrial industries through our fabrication network of rubber, plastic, and metal materials. Capabilities include compounding, molding, mold-tool & insert making, machining, cutting, bonding, extrusion, welding, and other material conversion and assembly technologies.

Investment Interests

organic growth

Numerous opportunities for organic growth


Revenues of $10M-$125M

innovative cultures

Customer-focused innovative cultures


Opportunity to partner with existing Families/Founders & Management Teams

Meet the Team

Marlin Braun

Marlin Braun is a growth-oriented entrepreneurial executive who has led and transformed multiple businesses in the technology manufacturing industry over his 30+ year career. Marlin has extensive experience in the rubber, plastics, & metals precision components space, most recently as CEO of Minnesota Rubber & Plastics. Prior to, Marlin was a Sr. Vice President and a Board Member of Greene Tweed and a Director of Business Development at PerkinElmer.

Relevant Experience

Meet the Team

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